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 Addon: Paranoia

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PostSubject: Addon: Paranoia   Thu Nov 18, 2010 4:34 pm

Here is Paranoia Enemy Player Alert!
Get Paranoia here, [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

About Paranoia Player Alert.

Paranoia Enemy Player Alert, or just Paranoia, or perhaps even PEPA, is an addon that attempts to keep a constant lookout for players of the opposite faction nearby. If a nearby player is detected, Paranoia will try to guess their class and level, and it will warn you by playing a sound and displaying a "Hostile Player Detected!" message on-screen.

Paranoia works by scanning all incoming combat log entries for any event caused by a hostile player. This includes hits, misses, dodges, parries, spellcast starts, buffs or debuffs being applied or removed, tradeskills, or kills. For example, "Skillzdatkillz gains Stealth", "Ipwnface begins casting Pyroblast", or "Hurrdurr begins Mining", will all trigger Paranoia's warning.

In addition, Paranoia will try to guess the class and level of nearby players by examining the ability they are using. If a nearby enemy begins casting Frostbolt rank 6, Paranoia will tag them as a level 32+ Mage. If they begin casting Frostbolt rank 14, Paranoia will tag them as a level 70 Mage. As they use more skills, Paranoia's guess will become more accurate.

Paranoia will also begin fading out the names of units on the enemy list as more time passes without any activity from them. This is especially useful during situations when there are multiple enemies on the list, allowing you to see who is a larger and more recent threat.

Once an enemy has been detected and is on the hostile list, you can easily target them (if you are out of combat) by clicking on their name, allowing you to quickly make a decision of whether or not you want to run, hide, or fight. While Paranoia is mainly intended to prevent hostiles from sneaking up on you and ganking you, it also happens to be great for sneaking up on others and ganking them!

Paranoia also makes it easy to warn allies of nearby enemies. By right clicking on a name on the enemy list, a menu appears allowing you to send an announcement to /say, /yell, /guild, /battleground, /raid, or the LocalDefense channel. In addition, if other players in your party or guild are using Paranoia, it will communicate with them and share hostile data (for guild members, this is only if they are in the same zone).

Since there are places where knowledge of nearby enemy players is not needed or wanted, Paranoia can be configured (and is by default) to disable itself in Battlegrounds, Arenas, free-for-all zones such as Nagrand Arena and Gurubashi Arena, and sanctuaries such as Shattrath City, Ebon Hold and Daralan.

Paranoia allows you to disable the warning sound, alert popup message, or the enemy list, so you can choose to use only the features you want. You can also modify some aspects of Paranoia's appearance such as panel opacity, border opacity, or maximum number of hostiles. The alert popup can be moved anywhere on the screen, and you can choose exactly how long you want it to display for. You can modify the format of the announcement, and you can also disable communication for party/guild members.


Paranoia should work fine out of the box. The Paranoia enemy list is a small, rectangular window on the bottom right corner of the screen. You can move it around by clicking and dragging. To configure Paranoia, you can use the /paranoia slash command, right-click on the Paranoia window, or right-click on the Paranoia minimap-button.

To target an enemy, left click on their name (only works while out of combat). To announce an enemy, right click on their name and select the appropriate channel.

If you cannot see Paranoia when you first install it, it is probably because you are in an area where Paranoia is set to be disabled, such as Shattrath City. You can use /paranoia config to bring up the options menu.

Slash Command List

You can use /paranoia or /para for commands.
/paranoia - Prints command list
/paranoia config - Displays the configuration frame
/paranoia enable - Enables the addon
/paranoia disable - Disables the addon, it will not detect enemy players or make sound
/paranoia debug - Toggles debug mode. If you are receiving errors while using Paranoia, please try to reproduce the error with debug mode on, and send me some of the output along with the usual error message text.
/paranoia debuglist - Prints debug command list.


These are frequently asked questions regarding Paranoia. While none of these questions were asked to me frequently, indeed, few were really even asked at all, I'll make some up.

What is Paranoia?
In it's simplest form, Paranoia is an addon that keeps a constant lookout for enemy players. When Paranoia detects a nearby enemy, it will warn you.

How does it work?
Paranoia scans all incoming combat log events looking for hostile players. For example, if you're a level 25 Blood Elf warlock questing in Hillsbrad, minding your own business, and a level 27 Alliance rogue passing by happens to notice you, he will probably Stealth if he has the intention of ganking you. This shows up in the combat log as "Skillz gains Stealth". Normally you wouldn't really notice, especially while fighting a mob, however, Paranoia will notice, and it will play a warning sound and show a message in big red text that says "Alliance Rogue detected! (Skillz)". You can then Blink away from the mob you're fighting and make a break for Tarren Mill, and while you're running you can right click on Skillz and announce his name, class and location to LocalDefense. Or of course you could start spamming Arcane Explosion and engage him if you're feeling confident.

I just logged in after installing Paranoia and I don't see it anywhere!
If you login after installing Paranoia, the addon should be located near the bottom right corner of the screen, it's a small, gray, rectangular box. If Paranoia isn't there and is installed correctly, it's probably just hidden because you are in Shattrah City or a Battleground/Arena/Free-for-all zone. If this is the case Paranoia will warn you in the chat log that it is currently hidden and a popup message on the screen will ask you if you want to open the options frame.

Sometimes Paranoia reports an enemy, but when I go to target them, there's no-one there.
This could of course be because the enemy is using Stealth or Prowl, but if you didn't get wtfpwnt shortly after, then more likely it was a combat log bug. Occasionally the combat log will report events from players in completely different zones, or flag a friendly player as hostile. This shouldn't happen too often, however as it is a bug in the combat log's data and not Paranoia there is nothing I can do.

Some stupid Horde just ganked me! Q_Q How can I announce him to my guild so we can corpse camp him for two hours?
If Paranoia detects a hostile, you can announce them to whatever channel you want by right clicking on their name in the Paranoia enemy list and choosing the channel you want (in this case, /guild). The alert message sent to the channel will include the player's name, level and class (if known), last seen subzone (for example Nesingwary's Expedition if you're in Stranglethorn) and coordinates.

The right click dropdown only shows /say and /yell.
The dropdown will dynamically add and remove channels depending on what you have access to. /party, /raid, /guild, /battleground, and LocalDefense will only appear when you are in a party, raid, guild, battleground, etc.

Is Paranoia compatible with non-enUS WoW clients?
Paranoia is compatible with all WoW clients, and it has translations for English, Spanish, German, French, Russian, and Simplified Chinese.
If you want to submit a correction or a missing translation, please send me the localization-xx.lua file at [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.].

Is Paranoia legal? Is this mod considered an exploit or a cheat? Can Paranoia see through stealth?
Paranoia is completely legal, since it is written completely in Lua and runs inside of WoW's built in Lua interpreter, just like any other addon. Blizzard has specifically designed WoW so that addons can only perform functions Blizzard allows them to, and they are blocked from many of the more powerful functions such as auto-casting, auto-targeting, etc. Paranoia does not take advantage of any exploit in any way, since it only uses data that is already available to the player in the default UI. Even without Paranoia, you can detect nearby enemies simply by setting your combat log to "Everything" and keeping an eye on it. Enemy players will show up in red whenever they cast a spell or skill, use a tradeskill, or attack something (you can change the color to something like pink so they stand out from enemy mobs, which also appear as red). This is the same exact method that Paranoia uses to detect enemies. Also, Paranoia cannot see through stealth... some people seem to confuse this with the old Paranoia skill for Warlock Felhunters and think that this addon can target stealthed players, when it cannot. When Paranoia finds something like "Allirogue gains Stealth." it only knows that there is a rogue somewhere near you who just went stealthed. If you try to target them, it will fail, since Paranoia uses a /target macro to target enemies. However, if you detect a stealthed player (by detect, I'm talking about the "whoosh" sound you hear when you move near a stealthed player and the very faint outline of them you can see), Paranoia will be able to target them, if you click on their name. Otherwise, there is nothing Paranoia can do to target stealthed players.

Does Paranoia have a Kill-On-Sight or "Hatelist" feature?
Nope. Paranoia is designed to be simple and lightweight, and it will likely never have these features. There's always the possibility, though.
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Brothers Masters
Brothers Masters

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PostSubject: Re: Addon: Paranoia   Fri Nov 19, 2010 8:03 am

not bad not bad Very Happy
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Addon: Paranoia
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